App for Google Calendar - Tasks, Reminders & To-Do Lists Відгуки

Waste of $2.99

App doesn’t work. I keep just getting the blue loading bar… none of the link buttons work. WOULD LIKE MY MONEY BACK

Would be helpful…if it worked

I know this app is in an early version, but it is absolutely useless. Have been trying for about half an hour to add one event, but it won’t let me type. Everything else works totally fine, except I can’t type at all and my keystrokes won’t go through. Waste of money, just do the online version. Google needs to make desktop apps for all of its Suite apps, but maybe make sure they work first before you launch them, Google!

Terrible Customer Support

I wanted to love this app, because I manage 3 very busy Google Calendars and often need to update all of them together. I am unable to add editing rights to the app. I have even emailed Customer Service and 2 months later, have heard nothing back. The app is fine, but that’s it.

Latest Version Freezes 100% of the time

It was functional before, not pretty but worked 80% of the time. It is now useless.

Not good

Not what I expected

off line access lacking

The app is fine when on-line, not that different from web based use. I purchased the app thinking I could access the calendar when off line, a need I have from time to time. Unfortunately It was not the case. I’ll probably trash the app if I can’t gain off line access, no reason to have it really.

Logs out everytime, freezes

The whole point of this is make your life more efficient, but i can’t even open it without having to login everytime. Also, the log in screen freezes everytime.

Not Helpful

This app was not helpful and made my computer slower. I would like my money back

Weirdly buggy

As others have said, the sign in screen doesn’t show the letters you are typing in… Expect a few more things like that when you are using the app :(

Buggy sign in, not a good sign

I just paid the 2.99 and on step one, signing in to my google account, the fields didnt show the characters I typed in until I clicked “Next”. So I’m not sure if anything else works. It displays the calendar, so we’ll see. Oh man, an event 8 days aways says in 29 hours. I’m done, I cant use this. I would like my 2.99 back

Does not support ‘reminders

I had two problems (on iMac Siera 10.12.5) When I was entering the Google account username, or the password, no characters appeared on the screen. I figured out that they were being accepted, but they were not showing on the screen. The second problem was that the calendar did not support Google ‘reminders’ - which was the reason I bought this app. Whereas G-calendar on the i-phone and i-pad DO use the ‘reminder’ function, the i-mac does not - which is the reason I bought this app. OOPS - does not recognize previous ‘reminder’s, nor does it allow a new one to be set. I will delete the app and go back to using the online site.

Works Great!

Does just what it is supposed to. I love that I can change the default notifications. Syncs great with iphone and android. I’ve not had a crash on my laptop or phones.

Best Google Calendar App

Nothing is perfect, but I love your app. I been waiting for Google to come out with this. Why aren’t you making a similar app ffor the iPad and iPhone?

Can’t even enter my email to open it

As other folks have said, it wouldn’t accept my key strokes — the login isn’t even open to key strokes. This is bad. I want my money back

can’t even enter my email so it can start

I want my $3 back. I can’t even open it. rip off

Waste of money - just a Safari browser page

I want my $3 back. What a waste of time - the login won’t even accept my keystrokes. I have to click on the Help button to enable the field for data entry. After launching, it forced me to change my Google password, then just loaded a Safari browser page with the google calendar displayed. Completely inappropriate to call this an app.

I like! It does what I need.

I like using apps instead of browser windows for Google Mail and Google Calendar. This one solves what I need for Google calendar. Thank you, JUNHUA XIE, for writing this app.

Sometimes too slow

The app is great. I love using it and it’s helped make my life so much easier. My only issue is that on the desktop version it freezes a lot. On the mobile version i think they could improve by making some of the destop features available such as copying to another calendar or duplicating the event. It really is a great app though. Just those minor issues.

Is this a joke? It’s just a safari window?

This is basically just a safari window with its homepage set to your google cal.

Best Google App for Calendar

I’ve had several different Google Calendar Apps but this one is by far the best. It keeps the calendar open on the screen where others would disappear. Combines Tasks with the calendar too. Only suggestion would be to allow for both Tasks and Reminders at the same time. You can only show one or the other… not both.


Using this application is irritating! You have to log in everytime you leave the application and then it takes several munutes for the application to even recognize what you are typing in the email address field. Dont waste your time or money!

Old mobile version of Google Calendar with bugs

This is simply a link to the mobile view of an older version of the Google Calendar with bugs: the delete button doesn’t work and you can’t invite anyone to an event, just two of the bugs I found in the first two minutes of using this app. Wish I hadn’t wasted my money.

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