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Do not buy it !

This is just a windows openning google agenda. No real app behind, no off line mode. Use your browser and you will get the exact same result !!!

Not very pretty.

I thought it would be more like the mobile app, which is very nice, but it´s just like the website, a bit ugly and sort of amateur looking. I really don´t see any point in downloading de app if I can just go for the website. But it works so far.

This app does not work

This app doesn’t work. I cannot even enter my email address to load it to see what it does. I have reported for a refund.


This app is a waste of money do not buy. You have much better for free.

Is this a joke? It’s just a safari window?

This is basically just a safari window with its homepage set to your google cal.

Sometimes too slow

The app is great. I love using it and it’s helped make my life so much easier. My only issue is that on the desktop version it freezes a lot. On the mobile version i think they could improve by making some of the destop features available such as copying to another calendar or duplicating the event. It really is a great app though. Just those minor issues.

I like! It does what I need.

I like using apps instead of browser windows for Google Mail and Google Calendar. This one solves what I need for Google calendar. Thank you, JUNHUA XIE, for writing this app.

Waste of money - just a Safari browser page

I want my $3 back. What a waste of time - the login won’t even accept my keystrokes. I have to click on the Help button to enable the field for data entry. After launching, it forced me to change my Google password, then just loaded a Safari browser page with the google calendar displayed. Completely inappropriate to call this an app.

can’t even enter my email so it can start

I want my $3 back. I can’t even open it. rip off

Excellent uncluttered app

I found App for Google Calendar an excellent app.Its design gives me a clear and uncluttered sense of my day. This app is pretty well,Im so happy with the way it turned out.It allow you to color coordinate events,quickly select time slots.You can customize your view,choosing three days or a week.It also has this cute little feature that can sometimes recognize which category the event fits in, and itll select an event background based on that.I wanted a way to see all my calendar events really easy.Its nice a clean up in the top corner of my menu bar and I like that I can easily access Google Calendar no matter what Im doing or looking at.The interface is well though out as well.Makes it really easy to work with calendar.

This is great

My friend highly recommended this app and I can see why.The interface on my Mac is easy to use and it syncs fairly fast with my computer.Everything is color coded and fits into their own calendars which is neat because then you can toggle certain events off.It is really simple to add a date and it mostly syncs with the computer calendar.I use both to keep track of my life.This app is efficient and effective for someone needing to keep organized.You can get it on the can do so much more.Such as add tasks to do on a side bar,make new calendar and then add events to those calendars with the right colors,you can expand or compress the screen,you can adjust notification settings,you can adjust events easily.Overall this app is very easy and simple to use.Great app!

Works great

Love the interface,this app works great and I have no problems since i used it.Its perfect for my needs.Quick and easy to add events.Would recommend to anyone!

Solid app

As soon as I opened it after downloading it.The visual of it had me instantly in love!I spent a little time getting my calendar organized,its beautiful and perfect in every way.Highly recommend.I have all my events organized in separate calendars that I can easily check or uncheck to see only what I want to see.It really beautiful,works perfectly and is the best calendar app out there!

Very good calendar app

I like it more than the apple calendar app I had been using for a while.The interface is nicer,and I really like the appearance.Its cool that when your appointment includes a key word or phrase it includes an appropriate picture.Anyway ,it works as well or better and has additional features.Id recommend exploring this with other apps before making a choice.


I found the calendar to be very easy to work with.Use this app to get and stay organized in a simple way.No need for complicated calendars!Its the effortlessly convenient and useful calendar.Great app that aims to keep me more organized.

Its helpful for me.

This calendar app is what I use to keep track of my mundane life and its small happenings.It allow you to color coordinate events,quickly select time slots,et cetera.I am rating app as it was when it was perfectly fine and actually helpful as a calendar.

Old mobile version of Google Calendar with bugs

This is simply a link to the mobile view of an older version of the Google Calendar with bugs: the delete button doesn’t work and you can’t invite anyone to an event, just two of the bugs I found in the first two minutes of using this app. Wish I hadn’t wasted my money.

A great calendar app!

After searching for multiple calendars.this one is easy to use,colorful,and makes it easy for me to add my work and personal calendar and even give me options as I type for reminders!Definitely chose this one!This is very handy to check the days date quickly,excellent app!

Great organizer!

This calendar helps me keep track of everything going on.It helps to manage time and it is very simple to use.Very happy with google calendar I schedules meeting and it works wonderful.Easy to set up and invite attendees.Color coding helps me keep them straight.I just have to say thank you.Thanks for everything that you do.I really appreciate it.


Using this application is irritating! You have to log in everytime you leave the application and then it takes several munutes for the application to even recognize what you are typing in the email address field. Dont waste your time or money!

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